7 Best Contractor Table Saws of 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide


a Contractor Table Saw


Contractor table saws are perfect for if you are a hobbyist or homeowner. You can do various types of renovation work like making cabinets, putting flooring, or other renovation work.


These Contractor saws (also called open-stand saws) have 1 to 2 HP motor, which can usually work on your standard electrical circuits. They offer features like anti-kickback, blade brake and guard and fence system for accurate measurements and cuts. Somewhat heavier than Portable saw but lighter than cabinet saws; hence most of them come with wheels to frequently transfer to job sites.


We have reviewed nearly 25+ table saws available on the market from brands like Delta, Craftsman, SawStop, ShopFox and taken the expert views on them before recommending them as our best contractor table saws. The contractor table saw reviews will help you select the right option with the essential features you need in a saw along with an in-depth buying guide.


Top Contractor Table Saws Comparison


#1. Sawstop CNS175-TGP36
Sawstop CNS175-TGP36
Editor's Choice

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341 lbs

#2. Powermatic PM1000

Powermatic PM1000

Check Current Price

465 lbs

#3. Jet 708492K
Jet 708492K
Value for Money

Check Current Price

238 lbs

#4. Sawstop CNS175-SFA30

Sawstop CNS175-SFA30

Check Current Price

259 lbs

#5. Delta 36-5000

Delta 36-5000

Check Current Price

230 lbs

#6. Shop Fox W1837

Shop Fox W1837

Check Current Price

260 lbs

#7. RIDGID R4512


Check Current Price

267 lbs



7 Best Contractor Table Saws – Reviews 2022


1. Sawstop 36″ Contractor Table Saw – Top Pick


SawStop PCS31230TGP252


Recommended by many experts and users who own this, SawStop CNS175 is the best contractor table saw in the market right now with 1.75 horsepower motor, 10-inch blade, and up to 52-inch rip capacity. This saw offers you all the important features like safety, mobility, accurate cutting, and versatility in the shop and Jobsite.


The renowned SawStop safety system automatically stops the blade and drops it if your hand touches the blade. The thick-gauge steel 36-inch professional-grade T-glide fence system operates smoothly, provides exact measurements and creates accurate cuts.


Due to the rails and table extension, it makes easy to work on long sheets of wood. The heavy-duty trunnion and the cast iron table is so solid to provide a steady and accurate cut. The amount of features this saw provides made it the safest table saws in the world. 


The 4-inch dust collection port on this saw is very well designed and ensured that most of the dust is captured. This table saw can be outfitted with a few different upgrades from SawStop. You can add two cast-iron wings for extra workspace and added stability.


You can also purchase two different mobile bases for mobility upgrade options: one with two wheels or another with four. These bases allow you to move the saw around your shop. 


  • SawStop world’s best safety system
  • 36” fence system for smooth/accurate cuts
  • Compatible with 10-inch standard blades and 8-inch dado sets
  • Fast Cutting
  • Upgrade potential
  • Adjusting the blade is somewhat difficult




2. Powermatic PM1000 Table Saw for Contractors – The Runner-up


Powermatic PM1000


Even though Powermatic PM1000 has the same powerful motor of 1.75 Horsepower as Sawstop but only to lack some good safety system as compared to our top pick made it our 2nd choice. This saw has given run for money to its competitors. The 4200 rpm motor is powerful enough to cut any size of large boards you put through it. 


This saw comes with 2 different fence systems one is 30 inch and the other is 50-inch. This comes as price difference which makes it a 50-inch fence system saw more costly but more accurate than any other saw. One of the best things is its poly-v belt feature which reduces the vibration and increases motor efficiency in the long run. 


The miter gauge is sturdy and pivots to 60 degrees on either side, allowing you to make a wide range of cuts. Another important feature of this saw is that it does not require a 220-volt outlet. Instead, it is compatible with the average 115-volt outlet which doesn’t make its performance less in any way to SawStop. For maximum dust collection, the hose around the blade did a fantastic job. Overall Powermatic is competitive runner-up to Sawstop except for the safety mechanism it has everything for a good cabinet saw. 


  • Hands-free power switch
  • Requires Standard power delivery of 115V
  • 30-inch and 50-inch Fence system options
  • Good dust collection system
  • No advanced safety features




3. Jet 708492K Contractor Table Saw – Best for the Money


Jet 708492K


Jet 708492K Contractor Saw has the same powerful motor of 1.75 HP like our top picks but in less price except for advanced safety features like in Sawstop and standard power outlet in Powermatic. This saw also comes in two fence system options like Powermatic – one in 30-inch and 50-inch rip capacity.


This contractor table saw by Jet features a riving knife, preventing kickback and accidental injury we missed this feature in Powermatic. Both the blade guard and the riving knife have a quick-release function, allowing you to mount and remove them without the use of tools. 


The enclosed cabinet design prevents dust from getting into the motor and sensitive gears. The table itself is cast iron and very durable. Assembly was fast and painless. Perhaps the best thing about this saw is it’s insanely low-price. It cost a fraction of what others saws do while remaining high-quality. Overall this is the best choice for value for money pick.


  • Value for money
  • Heavy-duty cast iron table
  • Enclosed cabinet
  • Quick-release on blade guard and riving knife
  • Overheating problem




4. SawStop CNS175-SFA30 Contractor Table Saw


SawStop CNS175-SFA30


This Sawstop contractor saw comes in three different variants being the difference in type and size of the fence. One you get with 30″ Aluminum Fence System & another 36″ & 52” Prof T-Glide Fence. With any variant, the quality of the cuts will be of high quality be in-home or professional environments. Either you are renovating your kitchen cabinets or making a deck in your backyard, this professional contractor tables can do all. 


With the SawStop’s patented safety mechanism you don’t need to worry about any kind of accident as it stops the saw blade as it comes in contact with the skin. The 1.75 HP motor is pretty powerful, smooth and doesn’t make much noise while working. 


The cast iron sturdy table provides lots of support for heavy-duty work and minimizes vibration. The 20×27 inches wide and deep table gives you lots of space to work on big projects while two 12 inches extension arm gives you more space. But many users complained that support legs for extension tables are not good. 


The dust collection port is average but not the best even after a large outlet of 4 inches. You may see some stuff still comes up but it’s not like piles of dust building up.


Overall this is a good saw to buy as you can’t put a price on safety.


  • Top-notch assembly instructions
  • Lots of power with Patented Saftey system
  • Minimum vibration with Sturdy Table
  • Doesn’t make any noise
  • Some users have issues adjusting fence




5. Delta 36-5000 Contractor Tablesaw


Delta 36-5000


The Delta 36-5000 comes with a tubular stand that provides lots of support. This saw is quite stable, allowing you to make very accurate cuts with 30 In. rip capacity. The heavy-duty fence came with dual-rip windows and is quite steady. This feature lets us make pretty precise cuts.


When the power is cut, the blade brake stops the blade in a matter of seconds, preventing accidental injury. The rail system is all one piece and made out of high-quality materials. It is very durable and precise. The split guard system makes it convenient to change the blades in seconds.


This Delta 10-Inch contractor table saw has a ripping capacity 30-inch in right and 15-inch in the left of the blade. The tabletop is made of cast iron which is good to cut larger sheets. Assembly for this saw is not difficult, though expect the adjustments to take you a little while.


  • Powerful motor
  • Sturdy support
  • Dual Voltage Support (120-240V)
  • Quality rail system
  • Customer support is not good as per users




6. Shop Fox W1837 Contractor Table-Saw


Shop Fox W1837


The Shop Fox W1837 has a built-in mobile base with wheels and a kickstand. When the wheels are engaged, they lift the otherwise stable legs off the floor so you can move the saw around freely. The cabinet is completely enclosed to prevent dust and other debris from getting into the sensitive motor. There is a 4-inch dust port for efficient dust collection. The blade can tilt to the left between 0 and 45 degrees, giving you the ability to make plenty of different cuts. Installing and removing the riving knife is super easy.


The split blade guard system allows you to see the blade cut the workpiece, while still maintaining a barrier for safety purposes. The anti-kickback pawls will enable the workpiece to travel in only one direction, stopping kickback effectively. The fence is straightforward to move around and surprisingly stable.


The major problem with this saw is that the table is not flat. This unevenness makes it difficult to cut accurately. The fence rail is in two parts, and the joint is nearly impossible to close as well. The miter slots are not parallel to each other, making getting accurate cuts even harder.


  • Easy Setup
  • Quiet
  • Easy to Transfer
  • Table-top is not flat
  • Fence impossible to close
  • Miter slot is not parallel
  • Not much stable




7. RIDGID R4512 Table Saw




This 10-inch professional table saw made for contractors produces up to then 3450 revolutions per minute with its 13 amp belt-driven motor which will help you to finish your projects quicker and smoother. One of the most important factors while cutting with any saw is a flat milled and polished surface. Fortunately, you won’t face any problem in cutting as this saw has a cast iron table with a leveled surface which also reduces vibration. 


For safety, there is a blade guard provided in case your skin touched the running blade accidentally. You can rotate the front crank with a hand wheel which gives you more control over the blade while the brake system automatically stops that blade in case of contact with the skin. 


This saw comes with a riving knife and provides you 30 inch ripping width. What most users didn’t like is it doesn’t come with any extension arms. 


Well, moreover what we really liked is the saw is built very sturdy with cast iron top, left and right extensions are steel, body and legs are steel which helps you in stable operation.


  • Great contractor saw in its price range
  • Well powered
  • Easily adjustable and accurate fence
  • No extension
  • Alignment issues




How to Choose Contractor Table Saw – Buying Guide


While we reviewed 5 of the most popular contractor table saws out there, we understand there are plenty more models to choose from. To help you sort through them all, we put together this complete buyer’s guide with everything you’ll need to know.


Weight & Material


Weight and material go hand-in-hand. Contractor table saws are gigantic, but some are larger and heavier than others. Most contractor saws are not designed to be portable, though some lighter ones are. If you need to move your contractor table saw around, you need to choose a lighter model somewhere around 250 pounds. However, lighter saws are usually made out of lower quality materials and are not very stable, which can affect the accuracy of your cuts.


Heavier table saws can weigh upwards of 600 pounds. They are made out of heavy, more durable materials, like cast iron. These saws are not made to be moved and will probably need multiple people to put it together. Because they’re so heavy, these table saws stay put better and offer more stability, producing more precise cuts.


The type of saw you decide to get depends mainly on your needs, be sure to pay attention to a saw’s size before making your purchase. If you choose a larger saw, make sure to have a friend or two over to help you move it the day it is delivered.


a person using contractor table saw


Table Size


Contractor table saws are typically huge, especially when compared to regular table saws. Still, some contractor saws have a much bigger table than others. The table size you need depends mainly on the work you’re planning on doing. If you’re making chairs, for instance, you’re going to need a much smaller table than someone who makes doors.


If you know precisely what work you’re going to be doing, purchase a table that is just big enough to get the job done. Larger table saws take up more room than smaller ones. There is no need to crowd up your workshop by purchasing a table that is much larger than you need.


If you don’t know what you’re going to use the saw for or work on a variety of projects, pick the most massive saw you have room for. The last thing you want is to have a plan and not saw big enough to do it with. In these cases, bigger is better.




These saws are incredibly expensive. This is mostly due to their powerful motors, large size, and sophisticated machinery. These factors also make them easy to break, however. Motors can overheat, and gears can break. In lower-quality saws, pieces of the table might even break off, and knobs come loose. A manufacturer’s warranty will keep you covered if anything goes wrong with the saw. These warranties either replace the saw, give you a refund, or offer free repairs should the saw break before the warranty expires.


You should also check exactly what the warranty covers. Some warranties only include particular problems and exclude others, like mechanical issues, for example. 




The power output largely depends on the size of the saw and pure power of the motor. Smaller saws typically have fewer horsepower than bigger saws – they’re just too little to handle much. A bigger contractor table saw will be able to handle much more power without vibrating or wearing down, though.


For most professionals, one to three horsepower should be sufficient. However, if you cut extremely tough pieces of wood or need something more powerful, you can find some contractor table saws that produce up to 5 horsepower.


Fencing and Miter Gauge


Almost every contractor table saw comes with fencing and a miter gauge. These two pieces help you make more accurate cuts. The fencing keeps your workpiece stable and straight, while the miter gauge lets you cut different angles accurately. While these are often considered “extras”, they are important if you want to cut anything carefully and accurately.


In many cases, you can change out both the fence and the miter gauge if the ones on your saw are low-quality. However, this costs extra money and time. You’re better off choosing a table that already comes with high-quality fences and miter gauges or you can look for aftermarket table saw fence for your needs.


Fences should be made out of sturdy, quality materials that aren’t going to flex when in use. They should also be easy to move around and adjust. Miter gauges should be sturdy, accurate, and adjustable.


Storage Space


Many contractor tables come with extra storage space, where you can keep your extra blades and a few other tools. This is a feature that not all saws come with, nor does everyone need it. However, if you’re already low on space in your workshop and need somewhere to store things, getting a table saw that can perform double-duty is preferable. How much storage space a saw has varies a lot, so be sure to check before deciding on a saw to get.


Safety Features


Saws are innately dangerous. Luckily, there are quite a few safety features that make the chance of getting seriously injured a lot less likely. A blade guard is one of the most basic and essential safety features. This guard protects your fingers from accidentally touching the blade while you’re pushing your material through.


Kickback is a considerable problem when you’re using high-powered saws. Kickback is when pieces of wood or sometimes even the whole workpiece gets projected back at the user due to the velocity of the blade. In other words, the wood “bounces” off of the blade. This can cause injury, especially when it comes to larger pieces of wood. Anti-kickback pawls prevent this from happening. They dig into the wood if it tries to move backward, halting its progress. Splitters can also prevent kickback from happening and are included on some saws.


Another safety feature to look for is where the on/off switch is located. If you happen to touch the blade, you’re going to want to turn your machine off quickly. Having the power switch in a convenient location makes this much more comfortable. Some machines also automatically stop the blade if it detects contact with soft tissue, preventing further damage. This feature can be handy at preventing damage but can be expensive.


NOTE: If you are looking for a saw with larger tables then you must choose the cabinet saw. As some contractors saw do not have arbors long enough for dado blades.




Hopefully, our reviews of contractor table saws will help you to make the right choice.


If you’re looking for a high-quality & best contractor table saw, the SawStop CNS175-TGP36 1.75Hp Contractor Saw is just for you. It features state-of-the-art safety features, has upgrade potential, and comes with plenty of power. Plus, it is made with high-quality material, making it very durable. Assembly is also much more straightforward than some other saws. While it is more expensive than some other models, you do get what you pay for.


For a more inexpensive option, Jet 708492K JPS-10TS, 10-inch Proshop Tablesaw is the best option. It is far cheaper than some models, but it still comes with useful features, such as a riving knife and dual rip capacity. 



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