Best Cordless Pole Saws 2019 – Top Picks & Reviews

cordpess pole saw after work

If you’ve some tight corners with twisting branches where a cord can’t reach and trees with height in your garden, then the best cordless pole saw is one you should opt for.

To feel you easier, we have select top 5 picks after reading so many cordless pole saw reviews, and exploring all the options in the market. It is difficult to find the best one, but don’t worry our reviews will help you.

Regrettably, owning a low-quality tool can lead to messed-up work. Hence these reviews will help you spend your hard-earned money only on the best.

The guide begins with a comparison table, which will enable you to take a glance at the top five brands and get their ratings. Furthermore, you’ll get a more exhaustive and individual review which will show you the pros and cons of each product.

Our Favorite Picks in 2019 – Comparison Table

Top Pick

Greenworks 20192
Greenworks 20672

    Battery: 40V
    Weight: 8.3 lbs

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Black+Decker LPP120
Black+Decker LPP120

    Battery: 20V
    Weight: 6.3 lbs

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Best Value for Money

Worx WG323
Worx WG323

    Battery: 20V
    Weight: 10.4 lbs

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Sun Joe iON8PS
Sun Joe iON8PS

    Battery: 40V
    Weight: 10.7 lbs

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Oregon PS250-A6
Oregon PS250-A6

    Battery: 40V
    Weight: 13.5 lbs

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5 Best Cordless Pole Saws – Reviews

1.  Greenworks 20672 Cordless Pole Saw – Top Pick

The Greenworks 20672 appealed the most to us, even if its pole length isn’t as high as 10” rather it’s 8.7”. We couldn’t resist the superb design of this saw.

We choose this as of no.1 choice as it has tremendous power due to 40 V Battery life which has one of the longest working duration on this list, also its weight is 8.36 lbs without power unit which means it’s easy to handle.

In one charge we were able to cut 65 Cuts easily on average. It has also included a battery life indicator which is must for any tool. You can charge it full in 2 hours and can work for an hour of on and Off.

Another good thing about Greenworks products is that it’s one 40V power unit fits its all tools. Isn’t this is a great thing to buy Greenworks products?

I tried to cut limbs from 1/2″ to 6″ diameter and it works quick and efficient. I was able to cut the limbs at 12 to 15 feet height without extending the shaft fully.

We believe the essential factor of this battery operated saw is a long life span. The Greenworks 20672 got that one right, and it caught our attention.

What’s more? This one has the most reasonable prices on this list. Plus, its lightweight is an added advantage that makes the machine work better.


  • Powerful battery
  • Fast Charge and long lasting
  • 65 Cuts per charge
  • Make Fast Cuts
  • Good length for reaching higher


  • No bar oil included
  • Battery removal is difficult

2.  Black+Decker LPP120 Lithium-Ion Pole Saw – The Runner-up

The Black+Decker tree trimmer has one of the lightest saw in this list. This feature makes it one of the easiest battery powered saw to handle. It also makes the pole extra agile and a good cordless pole pruner.

The maximum adjustable height of the pole is 10” with the help of the three-piece setup. Pruning the branches at over 14 feet is very easy with this tool.

Its battery is 20V Lithium-Ion with longest life span from all similar products in the market and moreover, it holds the charge 5 times longer than any other.

We tried to cut the 6″ diameter branch and was able to cut it easily with its 8″ inch cutting bar and chain. It’s pretty much easy to see the branches cutting because of its in-line power-head feature which provides easy movement and visibility.

Once my friend wants to use this tool for one day so we have to transport it to him. You will be amazed to know that it is very easy to disassemble and transport it to any worksite.

It comes with a casing which enables the bar to store the chain oil and other parts. If you’re looking for a tool that’s easy to handle, light-duty and less expensive, then you have your choice.

You will get 1 Pole Saw with Extension, 1 20V Max Li-ion power unit, a battery charger, Blade Oil and Wrench. And one of the most interesting thing about this tool is that Black+Decker also providing 2 Years Limited Warranty on cell and charger.


  • Lightest & Longest Battery Life
  • Battery/Charger is also covered in 2 Year Warranty
  • Easy to Disassemble & Transport


  • Batteries take a long time to charge

3.  Worx WG323 Cordless Pole-Saw – Best for the Money

The Worx WG323 is the only saw that comes as a 2-in-1 on this list. It comes both as a chain and a detachable extension pole that measures 10”.

The torque and high speed of this saw aids it to deliver clean, sharp and fast cuts. It has an auto tension and chain lubrication system that aids its rapid movement during jobs.

It has a weight of 10.4 lbs with an extension pole which is quite light. The soft grip handle on the saw helps to improve grip handling and reduce fatigue.

We tested it to cut tough and high reach branches and was able to do it with ease. One best thing we noticed is its auto oil lubrication system which really makes the work easy. Its 20V battery has power indicator which is a good thing.

It takes around 5 hours to charge and can do the work for 30 minutes continuously which is not the best but for a budget option, it is good.

This saw has multifunctional abilities—which makes it unique when compared to other cordless pruning saw on the list.


  • Battery and charger included
  • Long Pole Extension
  • Auto Lubrication System


  • Bit Heavy for Old People

4.  Sun Joe iON8PS – Polesaw (Cordless)

You may enjoy this cordless model if you do a lot of tall tree cutting in your garden. This saw is good at cutting down branches with heights.

It has a maximum expandable height of 15 feet and 7.8 feet long when collapsed.

With the 40V 4 Amp power unit, this saw runs for up to 25 minutes, if it’s charged fully.

This saw requires minimal maintenance because of its Oregon bar and self-lubricating chain. It also comes with a protective casing for storing other components.

The company offers a two-year warranty on the product.


  • 40V Powerful battery
  • Self-lubricating cutting bar and chain
  • Can cut 7.1 inch thick tree limbs


  • Heavy
  • Pricey

5.  Oregon PS250-A6 – Pole Sawing Tool

If you are looking for a saw that can handle heavy-duty tasks, then Oregon may just be what you need. It’s 40V 4.0 mAh maximum battery makes it possible for the saw to cut through thick 8″-10″ tree branches easy and fast.

Another feature is its ability to extend and reduce its pole’s height. It can extend from 7.3 to 10.4 inches. Thus, it can be both the shortest and longest at the same time.

The placement of the engine motor keeps the saw well balanced, even though it weighs 13.5 lbs. The heavy weight of this saw helps to bring down strong and heavy limbs faster and easier.

Generally, this saw is the best option for thick branches.


  • Highest Reach up to 4.5 m
  • Handles Heavy Duty
  • 3 year warranty


  • Most Expensive
  • Super Loud
  • Heaviest

Buying Guide

It’s simple to assemble. It’s also perfect for homes want to achieve so much. But before you buy one, it’s necessary to consider the following factors:

Battery Life

It’s vital to ensure that the saw you plan to buy has long battery life. After all, no one loves the idea of stopping in the middle of a task to recharge batteries.

Before you make purchases, make sure that you get some information on its average power unit life.


The power source is usually limited. So, when it comes to batteries, the power variations are not broad.

For instance, a higher amperage battery doesn’t last long. However, it has more cutting power. The lower ampere battery, on the other hand, lasts long. But, it has less power.

It also means that the higher amperage battery would need frequent recharging. It’s best to go for an output of about eight amps. Eight amps make an ideal middle ground.


The weight of the saw is one of the most crucial things you should consider before purchasing. If it’s impossible for you to hold the saw up for long, don’t buy it. Because it means you’ll stop and restart the job many times.

What’s worse?

It becomes dangerous. If you can’t hold the saw correctly, it could slip off your hands.

Angle of Head

The angle of head you choose should depend on the task. Heads fixed at an angle is ideal for cutting a tree branch vertically. It’s perfect because the tree branch is parallel to the angle of the head.

However, the feature doesn’t apply to horizontal cuts.

Pole Length

Most people assume that the more you can extend the pole, the better.

Well, let’s burst your bubble:

It isn’t true. Instead, check the shortest length. The short lengths permit you to handle closer branches.

If you must go for a very long pole, it should be lightweight. The lightweight would help you control the movement of the saw.

Ease of Maintenance

It’s essential to ask yourself how easy it is to clean the saw before purchase. Most times, oiling the chain is what you need to do for the cordless options. So, it’s best to go for a model that’s easy to oil.


Is a Cordless Pole Saw the Right Choice for me as a Newbie or DIYer?

It’s not a complicated tool to operate. So, a newbie can take on the challenge as long as precautions are in check. But, if you have no idea of how the cordless saw works as a newbie, read the manual.

It’s also a decent choice for a DIYer that would choose to do the garden task over hiring a professional.

Does It Come with a Warranty?

Yes, it does. Most cordless saws usually come with a 1-2 year warranty depending on the manufacturer. Nevertheless, the batteries can only be replaced within six months of purchase.

How Much does it Weigh?

Most of the saws are usually lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about heavyweight. They are always between the range of 6 – 13 lbs.

Why you Need a Cordless Pole Saw?

Do you have tasks to handle in some tight corners of your yard where a cord can’t get to? Then cordless saws would come in handy. It’s also very convenient.

Cutting something high up in the air is easy with the cordless tree trimming saw. You can achieve this with this saw because a cord does not limit it.

What about cutting branches or tree limbs?

That’s also possible, and you won’t need a ladder while at it. A cordless saw is a lightweight tool. So, it’s easy to get it where you want.

It’s easier to hold the cordless saw for an extended period than the gas saw. It also means that you’ll be able to finish your jobs with ease.

Is there a reason to love it?

Oh yes! There are different reasons to love the saw without a power cord. First off, it’s environmentally friendly. It uses rechargeable batteries—which saves you the cost of gas. You can choose to carry it anywhere you go because it’s portable.

Another catch: It operates quietly, compared to other gas and electric ones.


The Greenworks 20672 was our #1 pick at the end. You might slightly pay more than some other pole saws to get this one. But one thing is sure; you’d be getting a good return on investment.

The Greenworks 20672 should come strong for you, especially, if you have a lot of trees.

If you’re looking for a value for money model [Lightweight and Powerful], then you can go for the Black+Decker LPP120.

The choice lies with you at the end of the day. But, we believe that you won’t go wrong after reading our reviews of Cordless Pole Saws. Why? You’d be choosing the best of 2019.

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