7 Best Electric Pole Saws 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Corded Electric Pole Trimmer

Getting the best electric pole saw is a great deal cutting the branches at height in your yard. It can save you the stress of climbing a ladder to cut branches in your garden or outdoor. There are hundreds of models available in the market that boasts of delivering what they can.

Not to worry, we’ve got the best brands. In this guide, we’d be taking a look at the top-rated electric pole saws of 2022, based on your needs. But, it’s vital that you know what to look out for before purchasing one.

The Greenworks 20192 which is a cordless electric model is highly recommended by many experts and users, because of its expandable length, power, safety, and budget price. The Worx WG309 is the best for first-timers who don’t want to put more strain on their arms but still want to cut the limbs in the backyard.

We’ve done the comprehensive research for 60 hrs & read over 100’s electric pole saw reviews. We compared their histories, brand value, power, weight, pole length, pros, and cons and came up with the top 7 choices.

Our Favorite Picks – Comparison Table

Ext Length & Weight
#1. Greenworks 20192
Greenworks 20192
Editor's Choice

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8 Feet, 10.4 lbs

#2. Sun Joe SWJ802E

Sun Joe SWJ802E

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10 Feet, 7.9 lbs

#3. WORX WG309
Value for Money

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8 Feet, 8 lbs


7 Best Electric Pole Saws – Reviews 2022

#1. Greenworks 20672 Electric Pole Saw – Top Pick

Greenworks 20192

Greenworks 8″ 40V battery-operated pole saw will help you to do the yard maintenance work with ease. This Cordless outdoor power tool with an 8-inch steel bar and chain make it easy for any homeowner for cutting and trimming of pine, oak, or cedar 1/2″ to 6″ in diameter branches. Its easily adjustable tool-less chain tensioning system also helps you to a quick tightening of the chain while working. 

For cutting down the branches, you can extend this electric pole saw to 8′ and collapse down to 5′ as per your comfort for varied cutting ability. With the help of a ⅜” chain, this model will easily cut those tree limbs with minimal kickback while delivering smooth power. 

With a 14” cutting capacity, the lithium-ion battery will deliver continuous charge without getting fades for long hours if cutting operation. Being battery powered you can start it with a simple push of a button without thinking about pulling cords, mixing of oil and gas, or hazardous fumes.

Equipped with an automatic oiler ensuring the durability of the chain. For safety purposes, the lock-off switch is given at the rear handle in case of an accidental start. You can also take a clear view of the oil level from the Translucent oil tank. 

It comes with a 2.0 AH battery that is long-lasting, also includes a charger. Apart from the fact that this tool comes with a lovely case that makes it easy to store and move around.

  • Comes with a protective case
  • Easy to Monitor the oiling system
  • Great for cutting palm fronds
  • Tension system is easily adjustable
  • Lightweight, and easy to handle
  • The tool burns oil easily

2. Sun Joe SWJ802E Electric-Powered Polesaw – Runner-Up


This corded electric pole chain saw from Sun Joe is our runner-up. Being a corded model, you need an extension cord connected to a power source as compared to Greenworks 20672. We ranked this 2nd just because you can’t use this as freely as of no.#1 pick. Above all, this is lightweight and has more reach.

Cutting the overhead branches and trimming overgrown trees is easy with this saw without any danger. Other than its telescoping electric pole extends to 9 ft but its overhead reach is 15 ft which makes this longest electric pole saw. With this, you wouldn’t need a ladder to cut a tall tree branch. It’s the ideal tool for small people.

With its 8 inch Oregon cutting bar and chain, You can easily cut 7.5 in. thick branches with an SWJ802E powerful 6.5 amp motor.

The multi-position adjustable head, that sets at 0,15 or 30 degrees helps you to cut at tight spaces. With this feature, you can cut branches at various angles depending on the situation.

We found it pretty easy to start with a push of a button, unlike its counterparts that expel a lot of fumes and smoke. Using the Sun Joe SWJ802E pole saw saves your neighborhood from a lot of noise as well. This corded pole saw comes with a built-in safety switch to avoid accidental starting.

  • Instructions easy to understand
  • Good at cutting dead palm tree branches
  • Lightweight and Easy to adjust
  • Adjustable head
  • Trigger lock doesn’t allow you to throttle
  • Pole is heavy when expanded

3. Worx WG309 – Best Electric Pole Saw for the Money


The WG309 Pole saw is a corded pole chainsaw powered by an 8 Amp electric motor. This feature enables it to provide adequate power to cut down both small and thick branches fast. As far as we have used it, the 10-inch bar is best for Cutting Bigger, Hard Branches.

This saw is a 2-in-1 electric saw with 8 lbs weight. It has an 8 feet extension pole to cut tree branches, and it has a traditional chainsaw head. With a 13 ft extension pole, you can do the overhead work easily. You can also use it as a lightweight chainsaw once you remove the pole. Changing it from one mode to another is simple and toolless.

The WG309 comes with an automatic oil pump to provide lubrication and an oil level indicator. It also has an automatic tension system that keeps the tension during use which seems to be not working as advertised.

As this is a chainsaw on a pole so the weight will be at the end of the pole. And once you extend the pole you will strain on your arms and shoulders. Our greatest concern is safety. Even after releasing the switch to stop, it takes a completely 5 seconds to stop the blade. Also, there is no chain brake. These 5 seconds could end up in a disaster accident if you are on a ladder with a 10-inch chain saw.

  • Easy to use
  • Simple to detach from the pole and use as a chainsaw
  • Great Engine Quality
  • Doesn’t make Noise
  • Tool gets heavier when extended
  • Safety concerns

4.  Earthwise CVPS43010 – Electrically-operated Pole-Saw


If you like a cordless pole with a convertible nature, which can act as a pole-chain saw combo, then this corded electrical pole saw is the ideal choice for you.

With its 7 Amp powerful unit, the Earthwise CVPS43010 makes cutting small and medium tree branches easy. It comes with a chain saw—which is detachable. The saw can cut a branch of about 8 inches—thanks to its 10 inch saw chain bar.

This corded pole saw is one of the easiest to use weighing around 5 pounds, adding 3 pounds more if you use an extension pole. Even if you are a novice it does not feel too heavy at all. You don’t have to be a tall person to cut long tree branches. It has an extendable pole of 10 feet so in total it can reach 15 feet

The oiling system of this saw is automatic with an oil window—that shows the oil gauge. Nonetheless, the oil reservoir is small in size—so you’d need to keep refilling often. 

It’s the only saw in this guide with a three-year warranty which also includes an over-the-shoulder strap, blade guard, and protective bar and chain cover.

  • Pretty simple to tighten or replace the chain
  • Customer care service is great
  • Quite effective when it comes to trimming medium branches
  • Extending and retracting is a little bit stiff
  • On/off switch broke relatively soon

5. BLACK+DECKER PP610 Electric Pole Chainsaw


Black + Decker has always been trusted for power tools and setting the standard for yard care equipment too. And there this 9-1/2 ft. A corded Pole Saw with features like a guide bar scabbard is no different. The 10″ Oregon low-kickback bar and chain and powerful 6.5-amp motor offer you the most demanding cuts with max speed and low vibration even for larger branches.

The motor doesn’t come in the way of the line of sight while you are pruning. Features like automatic lubrication and clear windows to check the oil level are there. 

The 8 lbs weight of this corded pole saw may sound heavy but actually, it is well balanced and keeps the chain on the branch while extended and cuts right through it. Unlike others, it has a manual chain tensioner but once you have tightened the chain it doesn’t need readjustment.

Many users look for the detachable chain and pole but unfortunately, this saw doesn’t have that feature but still, it works wonderfully for near cuts while the pole is fully retracted.

  • Automatically lubricated chain from the reservoir
  • Electric motor makes tree trimming job effortless
  • Pole extension up to 9.5 feet
  • Safety switch to stop accidental starting
  • Need to set up proper tension manually
  • Bit unstable Pole when fully extended

6. WEN 4019 Electric Pole Saw Tool with 12-Foot Reach

WEN 4019

Do you really want to free yourself from the environmental guilt by using the gasoline saw to trim tree limbs? Well, you can do that just by using this 6 Amp WEN electric pole saw. You can easily increase the height of this lightweight 6.7-pound telescoping pole from 5.3 ft. all the way up to 7.3 ft. Also to reduce fatigue during work shoulder strap is also included. 

While the powerful 6-amp motor cuts at a whopping 36 ft. per second, the tool-free blade changes keep the chain tight. And the Automatic oiler keeps the bar and chain lubricated all the time while you are busy cutting.

The built-in safety switch is given to stop accidents which can be pressed with any hand while using the corded pole saw. Moreover, a scabbard is added for blade and chain protection while you are off duty.

WEN products are always backed by a huge warranty like this saw has 2 years and a friendly customer support team.

  • Cuts through hardwood like oak very easily
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Great customer service
  • Pole locking mechanism is weak
  • great for light-duty stuff only

7. Remington RM1025P Electric Pole Saw Tool

Remington RM1025P

One unique thing about this Remington RM1025P it is 2 in 1 pole saw/chain saw at the same and its detachable head makes it more friendly. It is a light-duty saw not for cutting heavy branches.

If you are 5 feet tall, then this tree trimmer with its 10 feet extendable shaft will help you to cut those problematic branches high on the tree. Which means you can take it up to 15 feet in height.

We also notice that Remington has also provided flip and clamp lock features which helped to adjust the length quickly without stopping the trimming of trees.

The Remington comes with an 8-amp motor that allows it to work efficiently on electricity. In other words, you can cut small to medium-sized logs with ease.

The pole saw is made from aluminum, so it weighs 12.4 Ibs, which is relatively okay if you consider its impressive performance. The pole is sturdy, and it has a non-slip handgrip, which is comfortable to hold while using.

The switch does not work after using it 2 times.

  • 2-in-1 pole-chain saw
  • Easily Detachable Pole and Chain Saw
  • Easy to Adjust chain bar
  • Bar and Oil leaks faster than fueling
  • Quite heavy compared to others
  • Customer Support is not good

Buying Guide

Pole saws aren’t one of the expensive tools you buy for taking care of your garden or pruning trees in your backyard. But if you buy the wrong one then you won’t be able to too tough and high branches and moreover, you will waste your money. Hence reading this guide will help you to select the best pole saw and save yourself some precious time and money. 

Both poles saw models have their pros and cons. Thus, we can’t say one is better than the other. Corded models can’t be operated without any electricity. The Cordless pole saws give you the freedom to work anywhere. However, if the battery runs low, it has to be recharged or changed before you proceed.

Buying a gardening tool such as an electric pole saw is difficult. You have to decide between a corded one (comes with a long electrical cord) or battery operated saw. There are pros and cons for selecting any type of pole saw battery operated vs corded electrical one.

But, how do you know what to look out for? Here’s a guideline that would help you through the process.

Battery Operated

Battery-operated pole saws can be used anywhere irrespective of the power source available or not. Another thing you won’t get strangled into a long cord while working around a tree or a huge pile of bushes. You can move the pole saw from one position to another without even thinking about whether the cord is attached to the source or not. 

Other than the in-built battery you also need an extra recharged battery for a pole saw to work around while cutting lots of trees and bushes. It also depends on the type of pole saw and the included battery you use. You can expect the cutting task to run from half an hour to one hour in a single charge. For better output make sure you buy the pole saw with li-ion batteries included as they have a longer life span.

As you also know that these cordless pole chainsaws don’t provide much power because they are battery powered and considered lower power output as compared to Corded and Gasoline saws. Even they provide some benefits which are as below:

  • They are portable enough so that you can move them without being tangled in cords.
  • Low maintenance is another positive as you just need to sharpen the chain over time and keep the battery charged. 
  • Easy to use – Just insert the battery, press the button, and start cutting.

Even though these electric pole saws also come in 50V – 80V but they are very expensive as compared to 80V Gas-powered pole saws. 

Chain bars on these saws are between 8” to 10” so you can only trim small to medium-sized trees. For any homeowner who has a small yard or gardens to take care of this is a perfect choice. 



Do you want to never want to get out of power while pruning branches or trees? A corded Electric Pole saw is the answer. They have a similar bar size of 8” to 10” to their cordless counterparts. Unlike a cordless option, you don’t need to put a battery in here rather they take power from the electrical outlet which is plugged in via a cord. 

You don’t have to worry about running out of power when you use a pole saw with an electric cord. Batteries have limited power but here you get to use unlimited power unless the cord is connected to an electrical source. You can do the cutting and trimming work the whole day, cut as many trees and branches. 

Every pole saw has a limited cord length. You need to stay within 100 feet of a power source which is a downside to corded pole saws. 

Like any other saw, they also have their fair share of advantages, listed below.

  • Like cordless, Corded saws are also low maintenance and you don’t need to change the air filter or refuel the tank. 
  • They are lightweight than gasoline and battery powered models. Because you don’t need to add fuel or batteries to it. 
  • Budget option: They are the most budget-friendly pole saws out there. You don’t need to buy every year or so and no need to buy fuel every time you cut. 

What makes a Good Pole saw?

Adjustable Height: Most people look for versatility in a gardening tool. The pole saw should have a good height. The height of the tool determines how much you can accomplish above the ground.

It’s necessary for you to check the range of the tool’s adjustable telescoping pole. The height you pick should be able to reach the tallest tree in your yard without a ladder. So, the more the maximum height, the easier it is for you to reach any branch.

We have pole saws from 8 feet to 15 feet with extensions available on this list. We have Sun Joe SWJ802E where you can extend the Telescoping pole to 9.4 feet, extending the total overhead reach to 15 ft.

Safety: Accidents are common when you do chores around the garden. For you to reduce the risk, it’s vital for you to check if the tool has safety features. Example of safety features is anti-rotation design, lock-off switch, and a non-slip grip. Greenworks 20672 and Sun Joe SWJ802E have the best safety standard with built-in safety switch to prevent accidental start and you can starts and stops instantly.

Cutting Diameter: You need to be certain of the maximum cutting diameter of the branch. The cutting diameter is one of the most important specs to consider — the maximum cutting diameter of most models on the market range from 6 to 10-inches.

The range is perfect because most tree limbs fall within this diameter. Although, it doesn’t mean that the tool can’t cut a tree limb with more width. It only means that it would take a longer time to achieve.

That you would get exhausted fast before doing half of the job.

Lightweight: A good pole saw is always light which you handle while standing on the ladder. From 8 pounds to 12 pounds of weight is considered fairly light but you feel pressure when you hold it from the end of 8 feet pole. Any kind of unbalanced or overweight will put pressure on your arms and shoulder and you will feel tired to not continue your work. 

Power: A good pole saw must have decent power to cut small and medium-sized trees limbs from 6 to 10 inches in dia. Even though electrical tools that run on batteries too have that much power but make sure you don’t buy an underpowered saw. 

What is the best electric pole saw?

Greenworks 20672 is the best corded-electric pole saw of 2022. Because it is lightweight, can be extended up to 15 ft with the help telescoping pole. Other than being portable and low maintenance, its 40V Lithium-ion battery has enough power to cut for hours in one charge.

What is the longest electric pole saw?

Sun Joe SWJ802E is by far the longest corded-electric pole saw. As it has a telescoping pole which can extend up to 9.4 ft further providing you 15 ft of overhead reach


The Greenworks 20672 lived up to our expectations being well designed, lightweight, and 4-year limited warranty. Thus, we made it our #1 pick. It is the only one that has robust safety features. Also, the design of this pole saw makes the tool easy to handle and maneuver. After reading our guide, you can rest assured that you won’t be making a mistake—while choosing the best electric pole trimmer for you.


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