5 Best Hybrid Table Saws of 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Hybrid table saws are used to do the most complicated jobs. They are a cross between a contractor saw and a cabinet maker saw. There are very few brands like Jet, Grizzly, and others who make good saws. If you are only looking for the best hybrid table saw, keep reading. We’ve got some amazing saws for you which also fits your pocket.

Nowadays most of the contractors use job site saws like this because they are easier to move. They’re mostly used by serious woodworkers and home DIYers. However, there are still quite a few options available on the market. Because these saws are so expensive, it is important that you make the best buying decision possible.

To help you achieve this goal, our hybrid table saw reviews will help you find best from the market. We’ve included everything you need to know about each saw and even some helpful tips on choosing the best saw for your situation.

Hybrid Table Saws Comparison

#1. Powermatic PM1000
Powermatic PM1000
Editor's Choice

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418 lbs

#2. Grizzly G0690

Grizzly G0690

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530 lbs

#3. Shop Fox W1837
Shop Fox W1837
Value for Money

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260 lbs



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266 lbs

#5. RIDGID R4512


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267 lbs


5 Best Hybrid Table Saws – Reviews 2022

1. Powermatic PM1000 Hybrid Table Saw – Best Overall

Powermatic PM1000

Powermatic PM1000 is the best hybrid table saw recommended by most experts. At first, we were expecting quite the struggle putting it all together. However, set up is actually quite easy. and the instructions are clear.

Once we began cutting, we were very satisfied with the power output of this machine. It runs off of a 1-3/4HP motor and is wired for 115V usage. In other words, it has more than enough power to go around. It easily cut through everything we threw at it. The 30 inch Accu fence system provides enough space and stability for rip cuts.

For making the full range of cuts, the sturdy miter gauge pivots 60 degrees on either side. Plus, it has a poly-v belt that reduced vibrations and helped us maximize efficiency. The dust port is also quite good. It picked up a lot more dust than we were expecting it to and helped our workspace stay particularly clean.

We also quite enjoyed the safety features on this hybrid table saw. It includes a blade guard that independent sides, which made it extremely easy to use and helped maximize safety. The guards also don’t require any tools to be put on. This made assembling the saw even easier and allowed us to take complete advantage of the safety features without needing extra tools.

The durability of the saw is also great. Not only is the outside made up of durable materials, but the machine parts are also very well made. We expect this saw to last a very long time. If you want a huge upgrade from a contractor type, this is the saw to buy.

  • Duct collection is superior
  • Blade is easy to adjust
  • Easy Fence adjust to line up with the miter slots
  • Cast iron blade tilt
  • No vibration
  • No thin kerf riving knife

2. Grizzly Industrial G0690 10 inch 3HP Hybrid Table Saw

Grizzly G0690

This hybrid table saw performed as we expected and is one of the better ones we reviewed. We were very impressed by the 3 HP motor & the heavy cast iron trunnions. Most of the parts on this saw are made of cast iron. The whole thing is covered powder paint that helps increase durability even more. Overall, this hybrid table saw is built solidly and we expect it to last for a long time.

This saw offers a number of features like precision-ground cast iron table,  motor guard, a riving knife with miter gauge T-slots, splitter assembly, & cast handwheels which we really appreciated. The knife comes with a quick-release function as well as a guard. The quick release riving knife also moves up and down and tilts with the blade.

The T-square type fence system is easy to move and features knobs to help with adjustments. Each knob is ergonomically designed and is covered in nylon to help you get leverage.

Assembly is a little more difficult with this table saw than the top one. The instructions are clear and decently easy to follow. With that said, the assembly is pretty much frustration-free and it did take less time than some other saws we assembled.

Also if this saw is stationary and heavy too so we suggest you to buy a Delta mobile base which is very sturdy and you will be able to move the saw effortlessly.

  • Cuts hardwood like butter
  • Rip capacity: 29-1/2″ Right & 12″ Left
  • Fence is as smooth and accurate
  • T-slot miter gauge
  • Dust collection port is sub-par

3. Shop Fox W1837 Hybrid Table saw

Shop Fox W1837

This hybrid table saw is one of the cheapest we reviewed. Still, it performed surprisingly well and far exceeded our expectations. It’s the blend of a traditional contractor saw and a cabinet saw.

One of our favorite features is how portable it is. It is designed to be able to be moved easily. The base is kickstand operated, making it easier to set up and takedown. You just push on the foot lever and the whole machine rises off of its legs and is ready to transport. There is very little assembly necessary.

However, there were quite a few adjustments we needed to make during the initial setup. Like even though the easy‐glide fence system is solid and sturdy enough to make rip cuts but there is no info on info on adjusting the fence position in the manual. Also, the interchangeable true riving knife integrated with a quick-release function helps you go through the cutting operations.

Though this table saw is less expensive than most, it still has a full set of features like push stick which helps you carefully move a workpiece while cutting by keeping it flat against a machine table or fence. The blade guard is clear, allowing us to see the full blade while we worked. The robust cast iron trunnions mounted on the side of the tabletop absorb vibration.

This allowed us to reduce the chance of accidental contact and dodge flying wood chips. It also has anti-kickback pawls. These basically dig into the material if it starts moving in the wrong direction, slowing it down or stopping it completely. The blade itself can tilt to the left from 0 to 45 degrees. You can also adjust the cutting angle by loosening the blade tilt lock.

Overall, this hybrid table saw is also best for the money.

  • Compact and Easy to Move
  • Excellent value for money
  • Cast iron table & built-in mobile base
  • Rip capacity: 30″ to right, 15″ to left
  • Blade is adequate but not great
  • Need some work in adjust mitre gauge slots

4. LAGUNA TOOLS Fusion Table Saw


This hybrid table saw isn’t the best we tested, but still quite good. It took us a minute to get everything unwrapped, but once we did, we were ready to start the work right away.

The assembly directions were pretty straightforward and it did not take us that long to assemble the whole thing. It needed very few adjustments once we got it all together. There are some videos on the manufacturer’s website here about adjustments if you find it difficult. We found these videos quite helpful.

This saw’s motor produces just under 2 horsepower, which is significantly less than the other saws we reviewed. The trunnion is not attached to the tabletop but mounted onto the frame like an actual cabinet saw.

We also liked the dust collection port & fence storage feature on this hybrid table saw. It worked a lot better than we expected, especially if you compare it to other saws. The riving knife is well-designed. It is easy to set and remove and required no adjusting on our part. You can also buy a sliding table for the model for $500. As far as sliding tables go, this is very cheap. We were excited that this company offered one for a decently inexpensive price.

With all that said, there were a couple of things we didn’t like about this hybrid table saw. Firstly, while the dust collection system works better than other saws, it still doesn’t work quite as well as we would like. It also required a little bit of modification to get it to work as we wanted it. The insert around the blade is also made of plastic, not steel. We were very disappointed that such a high-quality saw would have made something as important as the blade insert out of plastic.

  • Quick release riving knife
  • Cut performance is pretty good
  • Clear directions & Easy to adjust
  • 36” rip capacity right
  • Poor dust control
  • Blade insert made of plastic
  • Miter gauge is just fine not the best

5. RIDGID R4512 Hybrid Table Saw


This hybrid table saw got kicked down to the bottom of the list for a couple of different reasons. Firstly, it is the least accurate saw we reviewed. It is off when we first put it together and needed regular adjustments. It is quite a pain to adjust this saw in the first place, but whenever you move the saw blade up or down, it goes out of alignment again and you have to start all over. We were very disappointed with this. After all, what good is a saw if it leaves the piece of wood you’re cutting burnt?

Secondly, this hybrid table saw is advertised to have a mobile base, but we didn’t find this to be the case. It does come with wheels, but not enough to make it truly mobile. It is about as mobile as any other table saw.

Finally, the fence is nearly impossible to use. It takes far longer to get the fence in the correct position than it should. We spent the majority of time testing this saw trying to fix the fence.

Of course, this hybrid table saw is not all bad. It is surprisingly quiet. We could easily talk amongst ourselves while running the saw. We really appreciated this feature, though it might mean less to you depending on your situation. It is also made out of cast iron, which is about as durable as it gets.

We don’t think this saw is going to be breaking anytime soon. This saw is also cheaper than most options, though we don’t necessarily feel like it is the best value. For a cheap, budget saw, this one might work well. But if you have the cash to spare, we recommend something with a little more oomph.

  • Durable design
  • Cast iron table top
  • Not very accurate
  • Requires often readjusting
  • Fence is nearly impossible to adjust

How to Choose Hybrid Table Saw – Buying Guide

Previously we have contractor saws and cabinet saws in the past so the average woodworker has to choose from only these two. In some hybrid saws, there is a cabinet type of base while in others there is a shorter base and legs. But in both cases, the base is fully enclosed with the motor inside the base as compared to contractor saws where the motor is on the back of the saw.

Here are some things that you should consider before buying a hybrid table saw:


Out of all the features you should watch for when buying a hybrid table saw is the motor power. Without enough power, your saw is not going to be able to perform when you need it to. It doesn’t matter how accurate your saw is if it can’t make it through a piece of wood, to begin with.

The amount of power your hybrid table saw has determined what materials you can cut through as well as the thickness of the material you can cut. A table saw with less than two horsepower is usually only going to be able to make it through wood that is two inches thick but is enough for a home woodworker. A more powerful saw is going to be able to cut thicker pieces of wood.


The speed that a saw blade moves at is directly related to power but can be affected by other factors as well. Generally, a faster blade is better. Faster blades are going to have less kickback, which is especially important if you’re working with thicker pieces.

A more powerful hybrid table saw will typically also have a faster blade speed. However, this is not always necessarily true, so you should always check the blade speed before making your purchase.

Safety Features

Safety should always be your number one concern. The hybrid table saw is a powerful tool and need to be used correctly to prevent accidental injury. Many table saws have a number of safety features to help you stay as safe as possible while using them. The biggest safety concern when using a hybrid table saw is a kickback.

Kickback is when the saw pushes a piece of wood back at you. This can often occur with quite a bit of force, which can cause injury, especially if you aren’t expecting it. Many table saws have a quick release feature with a riving knife placed behind the blade to catch the wood if it begins sliding backward. Some tables also have anti-kickback pawls, which helps push the wood forward after it comes into contact with the blade.

Blade guards are also important safety features. Every saw should come with a blade guard to prevent accidental contact with the blade. While nearly every table saw has a blade guard, they come in various qualities.

Some hybrid table saws can also measure the conductivity of the blade, which helps them tell when they are cutting against the skin. Saws that do this typically shut off automatically when it detects contact with skin. This safety feature is relatively more expensive and rarer than the others.

Also, make sure there must an easily accessible handsfree big and visible power button in case of an accident.

Dust Collection

The large majority of the hybrid table saws have some sort of dust collection port that allows you to hook up a dust control device. This makes clean up far easier, prevents you from having to stop often to clean the work area, and reduces airborne dust particles. While most saws do have this dust control feature, they are not all created equal. Some hardly work at all. Others collect nearly all of the dust produced.

This feature might not seem like a huge deal, but it can be the difference between a good saw and a great saw.

Drive Belt Design

Most of the hybrid table saws on the market today use a drive belt system. Basically, the blade is connected to a motor using a pulley system. This is different from a direct drive system, where the motor is directly connected to the blade.

Belt drive or drive belt is superior to direct drive for a number of reasons. Firstly, they prevent sawdust from getting into the motor. Secondly, belt drive offers more torque and often are higher powered. Finally, the drive belt is generally more durable in the long run. However, they are noisier and the belt will need to be replaced every few years.

a person working on his delta hybrid table


Hybrid Table saws are made out of a variety of materials, including plastic and cast iron. The material the saw is made out of has a huge impact on its durability. The tougher the material, the longer the saw is going to last. Many saws are made up of multiple materials. A cast-iron saw might have a couple of plastic parts, for example.

Preferably, you want a hybrid table saw that is made up of as much cast iron as possible. However, this often comes with a higher price tag. You can often get away with a few plastic parts if you are on a budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need more than one person to put a hybrid table saw together?

Yes, we recommend having at least one friend on standby to help you put a hybrid table saw together. These saws are often heavy, so you will likely be unable to carry it by yourself. Plus, these hybrid table saws often have lengthy assemblies, so it’s always better to have two heads instead of one.

You can also hire someone to put your hybrid table saw together. This comes at an additional price, of course. But, this can save you a bunch of frustration and leave you with a more accurate saw.

What sort of maintenance do hybrid table saws require?

Like everything, the hybrid table saws require a level of maintenance to keep performing. After every use, you should clean all the sawdust out of your saw. Nothing breaks a saw down faster than sawdust. You should also keep the saw polished with a high-quality automotive wax; this will help your workpieces more easily slide across the table.

The blades should also be cleaned regularly with pitch and gum remover. This will help increase their lifespan significantly. The power cord might need to be replaced after extensive use, so it is a good idea to keep an eye on it. You should also keep an eye on the blade for looseness and check its alignment regularly.


Best Hybrid table saws are often expensive, so it is important that you spend your money wisely. For the best overall saw, we recommend the Powermatic PM1000. This saw performed wonderfully and exceeded all of our expectations. It has a powerful motor and a plethora of safety features. The Shop Fox W1837 is also a pretty amazing choice if you’re on a budget. It isn’t quite as good as the Powermatic, but it has an amazing value.


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