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5 Best Budget Jigsaws for Woodworking 2022 Buying Guide

best jigsaw for the money

In this buying guide and reviews, we’ve compared 5 of the best jigsaws currently available in the market to help you find the right option for your needs and budget. Whether you’re looking for a corded and cordless model or a budget-friendly jigsaw, there’s an option for you.

You can cut materials like wood, plastic, metals like aluminum or mild steel and it all depends on what type of jigsaw blade you use. The saws mentioned below are very selective, can be used by a homeowner, professional contractor or hobbyist. We have selected these jigsaws based on all the important features like Power, Variable Speed, Bevel Cuts, Stroke Length, Corded or Cordless.

These saws will help you to cut any sort of intricate design, making them a great option for DIYers and on-the-go professionals. You can cut curves, straight lines, plunge cuts, and bevel cuts.

So, in this guide, we’ve rated and reviewed 5 top jigsaws in order to help you find the best jigsaws for your needs.

A Comparison of our Favorite Jigsaws:

Bosch JS470E

 Bosch JS470E
(Top Pick)

Check Current Price

0 – 3,100 SPM

1 Year


(Best Cordless Pick)

Check Current Price

0 – 3,000 SPM

3 Year


(Best Value for Money)

Check Current Price

0 – 3,200 SPM

3 Year

Black & Decker BDEJS300C

Black & Decker BDEJS300C

Check Current Price

0 – 3,000 SPM

2 Year

SKIL 4230-01

SKIL 4230-01

Check Current Price

0 – 3,000 SPM

1 Year


5 Best Jigsaws 2022 – Our Reviews

#1 Bosch JS470E Variable Speed Top Handle Jigsaw – Best Overall

This saw by Bosch is the best corded Jigsaw on the market. Bosch JS470E is a Top-Handle Jigsaw best-in-class having 120V low-vibration 7.0 Amp motor with variable speed settings up to 3100 SPM which makes it an excellent choice for curve cutting.

This saw is built with robust cast aluminum footplate and an insulated cover to withstand the toughest Jobsite conditions. Due to its plunging design, it has low-vibration while working on consistent speed under load.

The JS470E comes with a multidirectional blade clamp for T-shank blades, unfortunately, you can not use U-shank blades on this saw. The blade clamp gives superior gripping strength to the saw.

You can remove or replace the blade with tool-less blade-ejection lever system, without even touching a possibly-hot blade. It can cut wood, aluminum, mild steel or a variety of materials up to 5-7/8, 7/8, and 3/8-inches deep respectively. It also includes 4 different orbital-action settings that change the particular blade strokes which will help you to cut smoothly on thicker materials.

This is a lightweight corded-electric jigsaw weighs around 10-12 pounds with a cord length of 10 foot which is longer than most of the tools, enough for good mobility. The cherry on the cake news is that this saw also comes with a hard carrying case and plastic base cover.

You can control the operating speed via Accelerator trigger & maximum speed via a dial on the back of the tool controls. There is a dust blower added to make the dust free cuts while keeping the cut line visible.

However, we can’t find any LED light on that. But it’s just fine if a tool has other awesome features like high accuracy, precision.


  • 4 blade stroke settings

  • Tool-less blade change system

  • Accurate & Low Vibration

  • Long Cord, Variable Speed

  • Hard Carrying Case


  • No Led Light

#2 DEWALT DCS331B Jigsaw – Great Cordless Pick

This is a cordless model from trusted brand Dewalt. It is not as much powerful as corded Bosch JS470E due to being battery-powered. This DEWALT 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Jig Saw comes with variable speed settings up to 3,000 strokes per minute to adjust the speed easily during cutting. It also includes 4-position orbital action which provides speed and cutting quality. This saw weighs 5.4 pounds which are lighter than our first pick.

The all-metal tool-less blade change system allows us to change the blade quickly and easily without having much downtime. This saw uses T-shank jigsaw blades which are compatible with most of the modern jigsaws for providing professional results and cutting. The adjustable blower included on this saw helps you to make clean cuts while keeping the line of cut clear by removing dust. You can control the direction of the blower to keep debris away from you while working.

We loved that this tool has an anti-slip comfort grip to prevent us from getting fatigued. The handle is coated, textured grip for maximum comfort and control. They also have a safety lock, which is designed for both left and right-handed people. This saw is very accurate, locks at 0-45 degrees in 15-degree intervals and can be adjusted for the angle of attack of cut with a lever.

Firstly, the charger and battery do not come with the saw. Although, this Dewalt jigsaw works with all types of 20V, 5amp batteries. Secondly, this saw does not have a guiding laser. However, DCS331B is backed with a 3-year limited warranty by Dewalt.


  • Cordless & Lightweight

  • 4-position orbital action

  • Comfortable anti-slip grip

  • 3-years limited Warranty


  • Charger and battery sold separately

  • No guiding laser

  • Only accepts T-shank blades

#3 PORTER-CABLE PCE345 – Best Orbital Jigsaw for Money

Porter-Cable may not be a top brand in the jigsaws market but this Corded Jigsaw still provides you the best value for money. PORTER-CABLE PCE345 comes with a powerful 6 amp motor which gives you power in various demanding applications on Jobsite.

Its electronic variable speed control designed with a 7 position speed dial which provides you multiple speed settings of up to 3200 strokes per minute.

With this feature, you can set your tool to one of up to 7 different speed settings, allowing you to control the speed and accuracy of your cut for a variety of materials and applications with the greater finish.

You can switch the blades with minimum downtime. The company also provided a lock-on button for easier control if you decided to work for a long time. Its 4 Orbital Settings helps you to cut through difficult materials where you can set up the blade tip to angle back and forth. We tried it to cut tight circles or arcs, it works great.

This corded jigsaw weighs only 6 pounds. An oversized front and over-molded handle with a soft grip improves control and comfort while reducing fatigue. The LED light is also provided to see the line of cut clearly while working in a dark area. The saw is backed by a Porter Cable 3 Year Limited Warranty.


  • Powerful motor

  • 7-variable speed dial

  • LED Light


  • Not very accurate

  • No onboard blade storage

4. Black & Decker BDEJS300C Jigsaw – On a tight budget

Blake & Decker makes great, budget tools but for homeowners only not for serious hobbyists. If you are looking for a jigsaw and don’t want to spend a big amount then you can trust the BDEJS300C to work for you. Black & Decker has been in the market since 1910 and people trust their power tools like this jigsaw.

The corded jigsaw tool comes with a 4.5-amp motor which has enough power for you to make a variety of cuts. The variable speed dial with up to 3500 SPM range helps you to make fast cuts through wood, metal or plastic with a stroke length of 3/4-inch. The base plate can be tilted to make bevel & curved cuts at various angles from 0 to 45 degrees.

This is a Compact and lightweight electric jigsaw tool weights only 4.3 pounds with over molded compact handle to gives you increased control which will reduce vibrations while working on heavy-duty tasks. The wire guard sightline feature helps to cut in line while improving visibility, in turn, helps you make accurate cuts.

Other important features are also included like quick-clamp which helps in fast and tool-free blade changes. The adjustable shoe gives you cutting stability while keeping your workpiece tight at one place. The dust blower on this jigsaw keeps the work area clean by removing saw dust & helps to maintain cut line visibility.

It is extremely inexpensive and works well, even when compared to high-quality options. However, this saw is not created for long-term use. If you have a professional job where you are going to be using a jigsaw a lot, then choose from our top 3 picks.


  • Inexpensive

  • Variable speed control

  • Sightline feature for precision cutting

  • 2 year limited warranty


  • Not built for long-term use

#5 SKIL 4230-01 Single Speed Jig Saw

This saw is quite popular, but landed at the bottom of our list due to fewer features and not as powerful as our top picks are. SKIL makes good power tool like Black & Decker but for irregular use not for a continuous long term use. You can surely buy this tool if you’re a homeowner or hobbyist and will only be using it once.

This corded SKIL model has a 3.2-amp motor, which has the lowest power than nearly any other saw we’ve seen. Even though it can cut wood decently but does not perform well with metals.

The blade isn’t attached very well to the rest of the saw and it fell out multiple times while we were using it. This is a safety hazard and can be very frustrating.

Although we liked the on-tool blade storage feature SKIL provided. It will provide the variable speed of 0 to 3250 spm which is decent enough. It also can not follow straight lines very well due to excessive wobbliness. Although it has other features like keyless blade change and bevel cut from 0-45 degrees.


  • On-tool storage


  • Low power

  • Poorly attached blade

  • Low performance with metals

  • Doesn’t do well on straight lines

Buyer’s Guide

When purchasing a jigsaw, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Not all saws are the same, and they can differ quite a bit. More expensive does not always necessarily mean better.

Learning about the various features of jigsaws can help you figure out the best one for you. Here’s what you should know:

How many amps does a Jigsaw use – Power?

Not all jigsaws are made with the same amount of power. The more power a jigsaw’s motor can produce, the more cutting power it will have. Typically, low powered saws will have a 5-amps or less motor, while higher-quality saws will be closer to 6-amps. What you need depends mostly on the project you’re going to be doing and how often you’re going to be using the saw. If you’re a professional, you’re likely going to need something with a little more oomph. But the average homeowner can likely get away with a bargain saw if they aren’t planning on using it much.

What is Orbital or Pendulum Action?

The best saws will have a slightly elliptical cutting action. Instead of simply moving up and down, the saw will move slightly forward on the upswing and then slightly backward on the downswing. While this specific movement might not seem like a huge deal, it can prevent excess wear-and-tear on the blade. It can also reduce the chattering sound that is sometimes common on cheaper blades.  This specific movement type also makes the cut more fluid and smoother.

Jigsaw Speed Settings

Most jigsaws have a speed setting, but how many settings they have can vary quite a bit. Furthermore, not all saws vary their speed that much, even if they do have different speed options. Having lots of different speeds is particularly useful if you work with many different materials. Most metals require slower speeds, for example. While different speed options might not be used a ton, they can be well worth the extra cost for some.

Corded vs Cordless Jigsaw

Cordless jigsaws are pretty new, but they have become popular very quickly. There is just something freeing and more practical about not having to lug a cord around. But many cordless jigsaws are less powerful than their corded counterparts. And, they can also be quite heavy thanks to the weight of an extra battery. Recent improvements to batteries have decreased the differences, but they are still very obvious in most models. A corded jig saw is almost always better. They’re more powerful and better equipped to handle most cutting problems.

How Important is Laser Guide Feature in a Jigsaw?

Many jigsaws now come with a laser guide to help you better visualize exactly where you’re going to be cutting. This feature can be particularly helpful for intricate work where accuracy is key. Unlike many features, this one is specifically tied to the price of the saw. You’ll be able to find many inexpensive saws with a laser guide, as well as exceedingly expensive saws without them. It isn’t absolutely necessary to choose a saw with this feature, but it can be helpful to have.

Tool-Free Blade Changing in a Jigsaw

Older and lower-quality jigsaws usually require the use of a hex wrench or other tool in order to mount a different blade. This is time-consuming and can really bite into your productivity if you change blades often. Luckily, most modern saws have a tool-less blade changing system. We particularly find this feature important. Continually changing out different blades can get very tiring very quickly.

Do we need Dust Blower in a Jigsaw:

Some jigsaws are designed to blow air over the workpiece just above the blade. This prevents the cutting line from becoming covered with dust and debris. The point of this feature is to allow you to see the cutting line easier. However, we find this feature mildly helpful in some cases. It isn’t a required feature at all. And, there isn’t a point of choosing a more expensive saw just because it has a dust blower.

What is Shoe Bevel?

A shoe bevel is a steel or aluminum, curved “shoe” along the bottom of a jigsaw. It allows the saw to be angled to cut at different angles. Most of the time, the angle is adjustable. Some of the best saws have presets that stop at common angles. This lowers the time it takes for you to adjust the angle each time.

If you have lots of projects that require various angles to be cut, having a decent shoe bevel is necessary. While nearly every saw comes with a shoe bevel, their quality differs tremendously. We recommend steel bevels over aluminum ones for durability reasons.


Choosing a jigsaw doesn’t have to be difficult with the right knowledge. We personally recommend the Bosch Power Tools Jig Saw due to its overall great performance. The Bosch JS470E is the overall winner & If you’re looking for the best jigsaw for the money, the PORTER-CABLE PCE345 is the one to choose.