Best Reciprocating Saws 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

man working with reciprocating saw

If you’re on the hunt for a best reciprocating saw, chances are it’s because you have a project in mind. These tools are so versatile, allowing users to complete several types of projects. They can cut through materials quickly and effectively in a way regular cannot.

With the hundreds of corded or cordless reciprocating saws currently circling the market, it can be difficult to narrow down your shopping decision to the best one for you. The main question you need to ask yourself is, “What do I need it for?” Everyone has different intended uses with this type of saw, so figuring this out is the first step in the buying process.

After you know your intended use you need to consider the size and power of the reciprocating saw. For DIY home projects, you’ll need a smaller saw with less power as opposed to outdoor construction projects where you will be better off with a heavy saw.

Before we get into our reciprocating saw reviews, let’s start off by breaking down what you should be factored in during your shopping process.

Comparison of our Top Picks

Milwaukee 2720-21 M18

Milwaukee 2720-21 M18
(Top Pick)

Check Price


11.4 lbs

DeWalt DWE305

DeWalt DWE305
(Best Value for Money)

Check Price


8 lbs

Makita JR3050T

Makita JR3050T

Check Price


7.3 lbs

Milwaukee 6519-31

Milwaukee 6519-31

Check Price


10.65 lbs

SKIL 9206-02

SKIL 9206-02

Check Price


9 lbs


Even beyond the size and power, there are other things you need to consider which include:

  • Corded or cordless?
  • What’s your budget?
  • Do I need multiple speed settings?
  • Is weight a deciding factor?

This seems like a lot of information to consider; however, we are here to make your shopping process a breeze. We take pride in our vast knowledge of power tools and are here to share it with you! We hope you find this short guide useful when looking for the corded reciprocating saw for you!

5 Best Reciprocating Saws 2019 – Our Reviews

1. Milwaukee 2720-21 Reciprocating Saw – Best Overall

Milwaukee 2720-21 M18

First on our list, the Milwaukee 2720-21 M18 Fuel Sawzall which is what we consider our overall best choice when it comes down to a reciprocating saw. Upon ordering you will receive the saw itself with a case you can use to store away and transport around.

We love the remarkably fast cutting speed of this imported power tool easily making it the best in its class! Moreover, it has the durability of a corded saw which means you don’t have to worry about buying another one for a long time.

This cordless reciprocating saw is pricier than most models, but we guarantee you’ll get what you pay for! It’s a quality product all the way from its look to its design. It’ available in red, weighs 11.42 pounds, with dimensions of 15x20x21 inches.

So, what makes this electric reciprocating saw one of the top pick around? It’s designed to handle rough work with a brushless motor that provides optimized performance. Its total system communication protects it from overload ensuring it never takes on more than it can handle. Fortunately, it never really gets to this point thanks to the powerful 18-volt motor and amazing performance.

When compared to other models out there you can expect the M18 Fuel Sawzall to offer 30% quicker cutting with longer run time as well as tool life. The intelligence system also protects it from overheating, overload, or over discharging.

This all sounds great but what are some shortcomings of this saw? Some previous customers have shared that the blade can only be placed in two positions (up or down). Also, the keyless chuck can be a little difficult to operate when compared to other models out there.


  • Fast Cutting Speed
  • Long life span
  • Intelligence system included
  • Blade & carrying case is included


  • Slightly more expensive
  • Limited blade positions

2. DeWalt DWE305 Reciprocating Saw – Best for The Money

DeWalt DWE305

Next up is the DeWalt DWE305 12 Amp Corded reciprocating saw that is less than half the price of the Milwaukee 2720. We really like the powerful 12-amp motor that offers up to 2,900 strokes/minute with a 1-1/8” blade stroke length. You will have a speed control option to adjust the speed trigger as needed.

A little about the blade clamp: it is a 4-position clamp which allows for flush cutting and it’s keyless. The saw itself weighs 8.1 pounds with a dimension size of 19.2×9.4×4 inches.

The biggest disadvantage of this option is that only the saw comes included. There is no blade included or carrying case, requiring buyers to purchase these separately. Other than this, We do like the quick swap blade feature and how easy the reciprocating is to use once all necessary components are there.

Overall, this reciprocating saw comes at a great value and is an excellent option. It’s great for heavy duty applications as well as quick DIY projects. Versatility at its best, this saw can be used on several materials including wood, metal, plastics, rubber, composites, among others.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Powerful 12-amp motor
  • Speed control options


  • No blade or carrying case included

3. Makita JR3050T Reciprocal Saw

Makita JR3050T

This brings us to another amazing reciprocating saw model, which is the one and only Makita JR3050T 11 Amp. This easy to use hand-held reciprocating saw is manufactured in China. It holds a strong 11-amp motor with speed settings to suit various types of applications. The long 1-1/8 stroke allows for quicker cutting and the overall design is built to prevent fatigue.

This kit has a tool-less adjustment feature which allows the user to switch the blade quickly and effectively. With a lightweight of 7.1 pounds and length of 17-3/4 inches, it is a great selection for buyers looking for an easy to use the product that will last several years. Additionally, it comes with a plastic case, blades, and convenient 1-year limited warranty.

Finally, the Makita 11-amp reciprocating saw is used among builders, contractors, re-modelers, metal fabricators, and homeowners. It’s a convenient tool to have for several applications. When using, you’ll notice the large 2 finger trigger with a lock on button adds even more convenience and the handle offers a soft grip for extreme comfort.


  • Designed to prevent fatigue
  • Lightweight
  • Includes case, blades, and warranty


  • Non-standard batteries are required
  • Corded saw which is a pain for some

4. Milwaukee 6519-31 Reciprocating Saw

Milwaukee 6519-31

There is so much to love about the Milwaukee 6519-31! It’s designed to tackle rugged environments but versatile enough to complete any type of application. Delivering durability, power, and speed you have everything you could ask for with this 12-amp corded saw.

Moreover, We enjoy up to 3,000 strokes for several minutes, allowing them to finish projects at a faster pace. With the 1-1/8-inch stroke length and powerful motor, they’ll be ripping through wood. The QUIK-LOK blade clamp allows us to quickly and safely change the blade and this kit comes with a carrying case for easy storage and increased protection.

Additionally, the manufacturers designed this saw with comfort in mind. Providing the best in class ergonomics, the user will receive a firm grip, smooth operation, and reduced vibration. This will prevent fatigue and keep you sawing for much longer. The lifetime of this model is extended thanks to the gear protecting clutch that protects the motor and surrounding gears.

So, what about the disadvantages of this model? While buyers are content with the results the Milwaukee 6519 brings forward, they aren’t too crazy about having to purchase the blade separately. It also weighs 10.65 pounds, placing it on the heavier side. Of course, it’s a corded saw so not ideal for those looking for cordless options.


  • Low price
  • Versatile – great for any project
  • Counterweighted mechanism offers smooth operation
  • Includes carrying case


  • A little on the heavier side
  • Blade is sold separately

5. SKIL 9206-02 Reciprocating Sawing-Tool

SKIL 9206-02

Finally is the SKIL 9206 powerful reciprocating saw. The first thing that caught our eye was the extremely low price. This model is of great value. We were a bit skeptical at first, however, after trying and reading other customer reviews it made our list of top reciprocating saws.

There is so much more to love about this model that goes beyond its low price. Considering its class, this corded reciprocating saw delivers extreme, unmatched power. It is an ideal tool for homeowners who need to complete small DIY projects around the house or for tree trimming outdoors. It has a 7.5-amp motor, only weighs 8.46 pounds, and size dimensions are 20.8x6x3.8 inches. It is a corded electric saw so keep this in mind when shopping.

We’d also like to add that this is a heavy-duty option that’s both durable and easy to use. It’s designed to provide stability and comfort when cutting through materials. We also enjoyed the tool-less blade change, allowing them to quickly and easily switch out blades.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Great for around the home projects
  • Easy and comfortable to use


  • Blades are not included
  • Not a good option for heavy-duty projects

Buying Guide


This is the first thing you need to consider in a power tool above anything else – even price! It’s obviously one of the main corded reciprocating saw uses, as you’re probably in the market for one of these because you need a powerful tool. Depending on your intended use, you need a reciprocating saw that will fall anywhere within 5 to 15 amps of power output. For small to medium sized projects consider 5-7 amp and for more heavy-duty projects choose somewhere 8+ amp.


What about the design? You want a reciprocating saw that is comfortable to hold. The less expensive reciprocating saws will normally have plastic handles, while more expensive ones have rubber or foam which absorb shock and minimize the stress placed on your hand and wrist. Definitely go for a foam or rubber model if you want a comfortable one-handed corded reciprocating saw. But, regardless, consider a comfortable ergonomic handle for ease of use and safety.

Speed Settings

This is important to consider while purchasing reciprocating saw, especially if you plan on using this tool for different tasks. A small indoor project will require less speed than an outdoor one. Being able to control this setting will also increase the life of your saw. A variable speed trigger will help you to control the speed.


You will be holding the reciprocating saw for several minutes at a time which means you want one that is not too heavy and can still give you the stability you need. Our reviewed reciprocating saws all range in weight, which means we know the one that’s bound to works for you.


This brings us to the end of our guide. If you’re looking for the cordless or corded reciprocating saws out there and the price is not an issue, then go with our top-rated best reciprocating saw: the Milwaukee 2720-21 M18 Fuel Sawzall. If you are looking for value for money option, we recommend DeWalt DWE305.

There is so much to consider, however, we hope that after reading this guide you have a better idea of what you need to be looking for when shopping for the corded reciprocating saws. We saved you the time-consuming process of doing your own research and compiled this short list of the top 5 available.

Now if you’re on a tight budget and need a tool for small projects, the best reciprocating saw on the market for you will be the SKIL 9206-02 model.

If you decide to go with one of these remarkable models, we’d love to hear your feedback. How did it work for you? What did you like? Was there something that didn’t live up to your expectations? Do you agree that the Milwaukee 2720-21 is the best Sawzall?

We hope this guide made shopping for the reciprocating saws easier. We wish you the best of luck on your hunt!