Best Table Saws Under $200 in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

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Do you enjoy DIY projects but have a small budget for the table saw. Whatever your reason is for buying a table saw, we know that purchasing DIY tools can really break the bank. You won’t believe that there are still some fantastic options available in this price range. You don’t need to worry about the research as we have already reviewed those best table saws under 200 Dollars below.

With so many options to choose from on the market, you’ll be surprised to see these good table saws for less than $200. We have selected the excellent budget table saws worth every penny. And of course, making the right choice now can save you money in the long and short term.

Below we have done the hard work for you and reviewed our top 5 picks. We made it our mission to find worthy contenders while examining the pros, cons, durability, and quality of each of these saws.

Top Table Saws Under 200 – Comparison

#1. Craftsman Evolv 28461
Craftsman Evolv 28461
Editor's Choice

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50 lbs

#2. WORX WX572L


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14 lbs

#3. Rockwell RK7323
Rockwell RK7323
Value for Money

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17 lbs

#4. Genesis GTS10SB

Genesis GTS10SB

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56 lbs

#5. NovelLife Mini Hobby


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5.2 lbs


5 Best Table Saws Under 200 – Reviews

1. Craftsman Evolv 10 inch Table Saw Under 200 (Editors Choice)

Craftsman Evolv 28461

This Craftsman Evolv is the best table saw under 200 USD we have reviewed so far. It delivered quality and durability at a this price. We found this strong little saw was perfect for all our home DIY projects.

The stand is durable and was able to withstand ample weight and pressure. It’s made from strong steel and stood at a comfortable height while we were working. The blade is incredibly strong and sharp. We found it was able to cut through the wood and other materials easily.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this budget table saw is the safety features it comes with. With its auto-locking feature, we felt safe at all times when using it. This is usually something only found on more expensive products and we were very pleased to see it included in this table saw. With Easy to adjust miter gauge, you can make quick and accurate angled cuts from 0 to 45 degrees.

The manufacturer’s manual is also thorough and detailed, so we didn’t struggle to get set-up or figure out how to this table saw.

On the downside, the table is only 10 inches long. This meant that larger projects took us longer to complete. Overall, this is a quality table saw, but we don’t think it’s suitable for more commercial types of work.

  • Impressive safety features
  • Strong and stable table
  • Durable steel stand
  • Comes with detailed guide
  • Motor seems solid / stable / powerful
  • Changing the blade was a nightmare

2. WORX WX572L BladeRunner x2 Portable Tabletop Saw


In our opinion, this one from WORX deserves to be second place. It is one of the best light-duty table saws which is well below the $200 mark.

Throughout our tests, we found that it is strong enough to make cuts through wood or ceramic tiles. We were impressed with the regular finish when cutting and found that it was also easy and intuitive to use. We thought the blade was accurate and clean, so we didn’t need to worry about rough edges or uneven cuts. The large scale dedicated steel rip fence helps us to make accurate rip cuts.

We were also pleased to see the adjustable miter gauge for 0°to 60°angled cuts, which came in handy for more detailed work. The safety switch meant we felt safe while using it and are confident of a lower risk of any accidents. This is important since a table saw could be potentially very dangerous if you accidentally start it.

Its lightweight and compact design make it easy for us to move it around as needed. The biggest flaw we could find is that it doesn’t feel as durable as the Craftsman Table Saw above. The instructions were also rather difficult to understand.

  • Easy to remove or install a blade with Blade guard
  • Strong cutting ability
  • Comes with five T shank blades
  • Lightweight hence easy to carry around
  • Added riving knife system for unlimited cross and rip cuts
  • Too much vibration
  • Instructions aren’t clear

3. Rockwell BladeRunner X2 Portable Table Saw 

Rockwell RK7323

If you’re looking for value for money table saw under 200 then this quality table saw by Rockwell could be just what you’re looking for. After a few tests run, we thought this saw was one of the most versatile within this price. We used it to make scroll cuts and rip cuts, as well as miter and inside cuts with relative ease. To make more improved control and wider cuts, this saw comes with a larger rip fence, blade guard system and splitter.

This table saw also has added value with a 3-year warranty, which made us feel reassured that we could return it if we had any trouble. The blades were easy to change in a matter of seconds, and the integrated vacuum port made clean up simpler.

Unfortunately, though, we did find a few flaws through our tests. If we weren’t careful, the blade deviated a little causing imprecise cutting. If the majority of your work is about precision, then this could be disappointing. We also found it to be slow at times, especially when cutting tougher materials. Lastly, the vacuum port can be frustrating, as the vibration caused the vacuum attachment to fall off frequently.

  • Great value for money
  • 3-year warranty
  • Simple to operate, relatively light
  • Plenty of power to cut most general-use materials
  • Blade can be imprecise
  • Blade guard is made of thin metal

4. Genesis 10-Inch 15-Amp Table Saw with Stand (Good for Tough Materials)

Genesis GTS10SB

We believe this table saw from Genesis is another good low-budget choice. We found that it could handle a variety of hardy materials, including tougher woods.

It has an extra-large aluminum die-cast table which measures 24 X 20 inches. We found this to be a generous size for all types of cutting during our tests.

The range of cuts is good, being able to cut bevels up to 45 degrees. We were also impressed with its smooth finish and self-aligning rip fence. It’s also compact and transportable, so we could use it almost anywhere we pleased.

On the downside, while we expect a table saw to be a little noisy, in our experience this one was noisier than most. It also vibrates a bit when in operation which made us feel a little out of control. The blade control handle felt a little flimsy for something you want a firm grip on. Furthermore, the stand didn’t feel as secure as we’d like for a table saw.

  • Powerful for hardy materials
  • Good range of cut angles
  • Noisy when in operation
  • Vibrates while in use
  • Low quality handle
  • Stand doesn’t feel sturdy

5. NovelLife Mini Hobby Table-Sawing Tool (Good for Small/Basic Cuts)

NovelLife Mini Hobby

Unfortunately, for us, this one can only come last. We found it too small to use for average work and it definitely wouldn’t stand up to more heavy-duty work.

We found it frustrating that the blade didn’t have a height adjustment feature. We also couldn’t tilt the blade which made certain types of cuts impossible for us.

So, on that basis, we definitely don’t recommend this table saw if you intend to do any fine or detailed work with it.

Furthermore, the blades used are very specific, so it will be difficult to source replacements when the time comes.

To top it all off, this table saw comes without a user manual or any instructions – so we struggled to get it up and running. All in all, this table saw is best used for small and basic cuts only.

  • Doesn’t take up much space
  • Perfect size for cutting wood pieces
  • No height adjustment
  • Uncommon blades
  • Blade can’t be tilted
  • Not suitable for detailed work

Buying Guide

While testing the above table saws, we had a number of important factors and features at the forefront of our minds, which helped us to decide which models were the best of the bunch.

In this section, we explain some of the crucial points you should consider before deciding on the best table saw under 200.


Being able to pack up and move around easily is a definite plus for a table saw. Additionally, you want something that is quick and easy to install, set up and get to work. However, light in weight should not compromise quality. Ideally, the table saws you should look for should weigh between 45 – 52 pounds for easy carrying and loading.

Precision Cutting

A table saw has one main function which is to cut through hard materials. So it stands to reason that a table saw that can make cuts precisely will make your job much easier. No matter how powerful it is, if it vibrates when working or does not align properly, this will mean that your cuts will be off the mark.

You should be able to use your table saw easily and make the exact cuts you need, every time. When making your choice, read the specifications and customer reviews carefully, or pick one of our top-rated models to ensure you’re making the right choice.

Make sure you pick a table saw with a miter gauge because it will hold your workpiece which in turn will help you to make precise cuts.


Just like precision, you’ll want to make sure your table saw will give you smooth-edged cuts. Rough edges will make your home DIY projects more difficult to complete without spending extra time sanding the edges first. Fortunately, many of the table saws we have featured in this review are a great choice to achieve a uniform and easy cutting.

Consider Safety

Even if you’re shopping for specific table saws, safety is one thing you cannot compromise. This is, after all, a potentially dangerous tool with a sharp blade capable of causing serious injury. When choosing a table saw, you’ll want to make sure you’re in control at all times. Auto-lock features and other safety measures will go some way to ensure you are protected from any unpleasant accidents.


A good warranty will give you peace of mind that you will be looked after should something go wrong. Often, it’s also indicative of the manufacturer’s confidence in its product. That said, we advise reading any terms and conditions carefully before allowing the warranty to influence your buying decision.

Conclusion – Best Table Saw Under 200 is?

Well, there you have it. You don’t need a lot of money to find your perfect table saw. In fact, there are a number of good table saws in the market to choose from.

But if you’re still unsure which to go for, then Craftsman Evolv 28461 is the best table saw under 200 dollars. It has excellent precision and high power which makes it a fantastic choice. It’s also easy to use and has all the safety features you’ll need to use it safely and effectively while working on your DIY projects or woodworking hobbies.

Our value for money pick is easily the Rockwell RK7323 because of its long warranty & power it has to cut various materials.


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