Best Tile Saws for the Money – Reviews & Top Picks

A tile saw for the money

If you’re working with ceramic tile, no tool is better than a tile saw. These machines make tile-laying jobs fast, safe, and accurate. While there are other ways to cut tile, they can’t beat a good tile saw. These saws are a very specialized piece of equipment. Their sole purpose is to cut tile, which makes them very good at what they do. For anyone who works with tile, the best tile saw is a must-have.

There are countless tile saws on the market, however, which can make it difficult to choose the best one for your situation. To help you make the best decision, we put together with in-depth tile saw reviews guide.

Comparison Table – Our Favorite Picks


DEWALT D24000S Wet Tile Saw
(Top Pick)

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3 Years

Chicago Electric 2.5 HP

Chicago Electric 2.5 HP

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SKIL 3540-02

SKIL 3540-02
(Best Value for Money)

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1 Year



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1 Year

QEP 22400Q

QEP 22400Q

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1 Year


Best Tile Saws – Reviews 2019

#1 DEWALT D24000S Wet Tile Saw – Best Overall

The DEWALT D24000S is the best professional tile saw on the market. This 69-pound tool is built so that one person can transport it and set it up. If you need to travel with your tile saw like many professionals, this is the tool you need. We loved the easy set up on this tool was super simple to put together, allowing us to spend less time setting up and more time cutting. It literally took only minutes to put together and the instructions were extremely easy to follow.

One of our favorite things about this tool is that it comes with a blade – and a pretty decent one at that. The water system on this tile saw is also extremely high-quality. The dual water nozzles can be adjusted for optimal water coverage and the rear and side attachments can be placed to catch water runoff and overspray. We also found this tool extremely easy to use thanks to the removable cutting cart. No one likes cleaning, so this is a feature we could really get behind.

The only negative thing about this wet tile saw is that the table it comes with does not always roll smoothly. It is obvious that Dewalt put its focus on the saw itself, not the table. The Ease of use, accuracy & power makes it the best tile saw available today. We did our research and decided the Dewalt D24000 is the right tile cutter for 18″ porcelain tiles.


  • Cuts Straight for long line
  • Cut angles, miter, plunge cuts with ease
  • Sturdy and Foldable Stand
  • Quick & Simple Assembly
  • Long Cord
  • Pump doesn’t clogg


  • Tray doesn’t drain water perfectly

#2 Chicago Electric 2.5 Horsepower Tile Saw – Runner Up

This tile saw by Chicago is a close second-place to the Dewalt. We were overall very impressed with this saw’s ability to produce accurate cuts. It can pump three gallons a minute, which helps ensure that the tile and bricks are under a continuous stream of water. It also features a heavy-duty steel frame with a precision bar system, which helped us make particularly difficult cuts.

This machine also has a high power output with a 2.5 horsepower engine. It could cut through almost anything we threw at it, including 3 ½ inch bricks thanks to the adjustable head. The fact that this machine could cut tile as well as brick was a huge plus for us. It can even cut up to 24 inches, which allowed us to accomplish many tasks quickly. This saw is also cheaper than the Dewalt, which is always nice.

However, there were some things we didn’t care much for. Firstly, this tile saw does not come with a stand. This means that while this tile saw is cheaper up front, you will still have to purchase a stand for it. Of course, this also means that you can purchase whatever stand you like best, which allows you some room for customization. Secondly, this tile saw is not compact. It is quite large, bulky, and difficult to move around. Thirdly, this tool also does not have plunge cutting, which was a disappointment.


  • 24-inch cutting capacity
  • Sliding Table moves smoothly for straight and bevel cuts
  • Pumps 3 gallons a minute
  • Can cut tile and brink
  • Powerful Motor to make Good, clean cuts


  • No stand included
  • Large and bulky
  • Missing assembly hardware

#3 SKIL 3540-02 – Best Tile Saw for the Money

We were quite surprised by this little machine. Most home DIYers do not need to spend tons of money on a wet tile saw. Plus, most of them are quite large and takes a lot of space. If you’re looking for something small and inexpensive, the SKIL 3540-02 is a worthwhile, small tile saw option. It can cut through time quickly at a fraction of the price of most larger models. It can only cut tiles up to 12 inches, but you can’t expect much more from this little wet tile saw.

This machine comes with an adjustable, rotating bevel that can reach angles from 0 to 45 degrees. This feature allows you to make all sorts of different cuts. The rip fence and miter gauge are also adjustable and allowed us to make a variety of cuts quite easily. It can make easy work of any weekend project you have planned.

However, this machine is missing the power that many other models come with. It is not nearly as powerful as the Dewalt or Chicago saws. It can also only accommodate 12×12 tiles, which greatly undercuts its versatility. Still, this inexpensive saw is a good choice for homeowners who have a few projects to do.


  • Small & Low Cost
  • Durability with long hours of cutting
  • Cut brick/tile accurate
  • Adjustable rip fence and miter gauge
  • Easy Angled cuts


  • Water reservoir is very small
  • Can only accommodate 12×12 tile

#4 MK-370EXP – Most Portable Tile Saw

For a lightweight, portable saw, it is hard to beat this one. It weighs only 33 pounds – far lighter than any of the competition. This makes it extremely easy to move around and is one of our favorite features.

Don’t let this saw’s lightweight design fool you though, it is powerful and can get the job done when it matters. It features a 1-¼ horsepower engine. This isn’t the most powerful you can get, but is really good for such a lightweight saw. It can also cut tile up to 18×13, making it more useful in a variety of situations.

This saw also comes with a variety of other features we found useful. It features a miter system that can rotate from 0- to 45-degrees, which should allow you to make nearly every cut you need. Thanks to its blade hinge design, it is also very easy to change the blades whenever you need to.

Of course, no wet tile saw is perfect. This saw is limited in the size of tike it can cut, which can make it unusable for some projects. It also is not as powerful as some higher ranking saws. Still, if you’re looking for s highly portable saw, it doesn’t get much better than this.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy blade change system
  • More control which allows for more precise cuts


  • Constantly need to lubricate sliding tray
  • Can not cut more than 12 inches

#5 QEP 22400Q Tile Saw –

This tile saw is quite popular but did not perform as well on our test as other models we looked at. It feels the rather low quality when you’re using it. Many of the pieces are made of plastic and the machine doesn’t feel like it would be durable if used heavily. The rip fence is quite flimsy and does not allow for accurate cuts. The blade it comes with is also quite thick, which makes it difficult to cut flimsier tiles.

One of the worst things about this wet tile saw was excessive vibrations. It vibrates a lot, making it extremely difficult to cut anything accurately. The vibrations are quite excessive and are the main reason this saw is at the bottom of the list.

On a positive note, we did like the saw filters water back into the pump. This prevented us from having to refill the water as often. The saw is also quite inexpensive, which is probably why the construction is so low-quality. This saw might work well if you’re a homeowner that only needs to cut a few tiles. However, for most people, you’re better off buying one of the other saws we reviewed.


  • Best for Smaller tiles
  • Cheapest, Compact, Portable


  • Poor construction
  • Very light hence Excessive vibrations
  • Not accurate

Buyer’s Guide

Cutting Capacity

How to Use A Wet Tile Saw

Each tile saw has its own capacity and largely determined by the size. Tile saws with a larger cutting capacity are going to be able to make larger cuts and handle larger tiles. Those with smaller cutting capacities are only going to be able to only handle tiles up to a certain size.

It is important to consider what project you’re going to be using the saw for and what sorts of tile you’re going to be cutting. Be sure to choose a tool that can handle whatever tile you’re going to be using. Some of these machines can also handle brick. If you plan on cutting brick with your saw, be sure to purchase a machine that can handle it.


To get your project done, you’re going to need each cut to be as accurate as possible. Poor accuracy can make a job look sloppy very quickly. To get these accurate cuts, you need an accurate tile saw. Some are more accurate than others. Mostly, this feature is determined by the machine’s vibration. Tabletop and overhead tile saws are normally the most accurate, but they are also the largest and most costly. The best tile saw will be able to give you accurate cuts everytime.


How much power a particular machine has will determine if it will cut through tile neatly. The more horsepower a particular tool has, the thicker tile it can cut cleanly. A machine with little power will not be able to cut through thicker tiles and will end up cracking or shattering them. Preferably, you want whatever product you buy to be able to easily glide through the tile, as this will produce the most accurate cuts. However, more horsepower almost always comes with a higher price tag.


Most good saws come with a beveling feature. This allows the machine to cut a wide variety of different tile shapes, which can be useful for many different projects. Of course, not all bevels are made the same. Sometimes, a low-quality saw will have a bevel that is poorly designed and does not work accurately. Since having a poor quality bevel is basically like not having a bevel at all, be sure whatever tool you purchase has a functioning, accurate bevel.


Not everyone needs a saw that is portable. However, if you plan on traveling with your machine or just want the ability to move it from room to room by yourself, a portable tool is the way to go. Portable machines are usually smaller and lighter. While this might seem like a overall good thing, this also means that it will be unable to handle large pieces of tile, make long cuts, and will likely vibrate more. We typically recommend only getting a portable machine if you really need it.


Different saws accommodate different blades. Any cutting tool is only going to be as good as the blade on it. You could have an amazing tile saw, but a bad blade will make it practically worthless. Preferably any saw you get should have a nice, durable blade that comes with it. However, the second best option is a saw that can accommodate plenty of high-quality blades that are bought separately.


Nearly every wet tile saw requires water to work properly. The more water a saw has near the cutting area, the more easily the blade will cut. Any machine you buy should have a good water circulation system that allows it to keep fresh water on the table at all times. The system should be well regulated to conserve water, which will also save you time and prevents you from having to continuously fill up the water tank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a wet tile saw cut your finger?

Kinda. Most wet saw blades are more grinding blades than necessarily cutting blades, so they will not cut your finger outright. Normally, they will not cut your finger due to the soft surface – they need a hard surface to cut on.

Of course, this does not mean that you should go sticking your finger against wet saw blades. However, these saws are much less likely to cut you than others.

What size tile saw do I need?

This depends on what size tile you are going to be cutting. Every tile saw has a size maximum tile it can cut. If you need to cut large tile, you should not get a wet tile saw that is only designed to cut small tile.

If you already know what project you’re going to be using the saw on, figuring out what size you need is easy. However, if you are a contractor or plan on cutting all sorts of tile, it is much more complicated. In general, the bigger the tile saw, the better. Buy the biggest size you have room for.


If you’re planning on cutting any sort of tile, a tile saw is a must. They’re specifically designed to cut tile accurately, safely, and efficiently. Because these specially designed tools are so important for certain projects, there are quite a few available on the market. Out of all the Top-rated ones we reviewed, the DEWALT D24000S came out as a clear winner.

For a more budget-friendly option or I can say the tile saw with the best price for the money is the SKIL 3540-02.

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