SawAdvisor – Best Woodworking Tools Guide is made with ❤️ and passion for all the woodworkers and DIYers who are passionate about woodworking. Every one of us has difficulty finding the right power tool and we have to do a lot of research because these tools won’t come cheap. We decided to take the matter in our hands and decided to share our knowledge about these power tools with you. We are finding new saws every week and sharing with you their reviews, pro-cons of each one with the in-depth buying guide about What you should look for before buying a Saw? That’s why we have created, that can answer all your queries related to power tools from What is the best Miter Saw? to questions like Scroll Saw vs Circular Saw, Should I buy Corded or Cordless saw? or What size blade you need? To say simply, our team is putting up a lot of hard work so that you can save your money and spend only on the right tool. You can read about some popular tools guide below.

Our Most Popular Buying Guides


Take a look at our in-depth chainsaw buying guide, before your buy the best chainsaw. We’ve researched and worked hard to find the some of the best chainsaws and chains on the market. We’ve also mentioned a buying guide which will help to choose the right option like a professional.

Worx Worxsaw WX429l Compact Saw

In our comprehensive circular saw buying guide, we have mentioned our top 5 picks with their pros and cons.


We have written a popular guide for finding the best miter saw that fits your needs.

Some Other Power Tools

Table saw is one of the most important tool in workshop. Read our in-depth table saw buying guide here which gives you all informations about buying the one

Jigsaws are most popular for making creative designs via some difficult cuts. Check out our popular jigsaw reviews, if you are looking to buy one.

It is more of a similar tool to jigsaw but more in metalworking, lumbering to cut irregular shapes. If you’re looking for a new band saw then we’ve got some top picks in our in-depth band saw buying guide.

Pole saw is very handy tool for people who has nice gardens in their backyard. If you’re on the hunt for a new one, Read our pole saw reviews.

Worm Drive saws has more power and torque and great in cross-cutting. Find our comprehensive worm drive saw buying guide right here.

They are used to cut very complicated designs especially if minor details are important. Check out our scroll saw top picks here.

If you’re planning on renovating your bathroom, you must read our tile saw buying guide before buying one. We’ve explained all the things you need to know when you are buying a tile saw.

Are you looking for a recip saw? Check our popular reciprocating saw buying guide.

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