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Types of Circular Saw Blades & Glossary

Any saw is only as good as the blade you put on it. The blade you’re using can often make or break your project. All the variable speeds and power in the world won’t help you much if you don’t have an appropriate blade. Because selecting the correct blade is so important, it is vital […]

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Single vs Double Bevel Miter Saws – Which is Best and Why?

single vs double bevel miter

If you want to achieve great success in every project you are handling in your workshop, having the right tools is the key thing. One of the most important tools you should always have is a miter saw. This tool provides the best results when cutting. However, when shopping for miter saws you will realize […]

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Circular Saw vs Miter Saw: Which One to Choose & Why?

Miter Vs Circular

If you own a workshop or you are planning to build a cute end table, you may not be able to do much without an effective cutting tool since you will need to cut different materials every day. Today there are so many cutting tools on the market which makes it hard for starters to […]

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Difference Between a Chop Saw Vs Miter Saw: Which to use?

difference between miter saw vs chop saw

Most people still don’t understand the difference between a miter saw and a chop saw. The two tools are very similar but what you need to know is that they are a bit different and each one is suitable for specific jobs. Without having a clear understanding of how each one works, you will always […]

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