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Corded vs Cordless Circular Saws – Which One’s Right for You?

Corded vs cordless

The discussion between corded vs cordless tools is age-old conflict and probably will remain so in the coming years. The selection of a corded and cordless is a question of whether you want power or convenience. 

In my opinion, the puzzle between corded vs cordless debate always comes down to one issue and that is, Do you want Portability or Long-lasting. 

Nowadays there is so much innovation in battery technology that even cordless models are becoming as much powerful as their plugged in counterpart. Moreover, there is not much difference in the price range as well so we will suggest you choose the tool without considering the price. 

While a corded saw is convenient in the presence of a power outlet and also provides you as much power as long as you want to use it. But there is one inconvenience of corded tool that cord may be damaged in between. Any bent or damage in wire or plug may stop your work at any time.

Corded Circular Saw:

The Power you won’t get from Cordless models to cut thick size boards, Corded saw will provide you that. If you are someone who likes more power in a tool like me then Corded is the way to go. Even though we still can buy a cordless model as our 2nd tool.

a corded circular saw

If you are looking to buy a corded circular saw make sure you choose with higher power ratings. Such as a 15 amps saw which is standard nowadays provides you more cutting power than 12 amps saw. 

The only issue while using a corded saw is the cord must not be damaged and it must be of an adequate length to reach the power outlet. There’s always a danger of cord being cut while working or could be stretched unnecessary. Even a slightest of cut in the cord or plug may wipe out all the operation for that day. 

One good thing is that some tools have a removable cord which we can replace in case of damage. 

Pros of using Corded

  • Enormous power to cut any thick size
  • Consistent flow of power
  • Lightweight
  • Bigger blade sizes

Cons of using Corded

  • No Portability
  • Can use only near a power outlet
  • Cord may damage

Cutting the Cord with Cordless Circular Saw 

A cordless saw is convenient when there is no power source at the working location but it also may not provide you enough power to work for a long time. With the innovation in cordless technology, these tools are becoming more powerful as compared to their corded counterpart.

working with cordless saw
Photo by Jon Sailer on Unsplash

One big advantage of cordless tools is that you can buy several tools at once without spending extensively. Most of the cordless tools come with more than one battery at a very low price which you can also use in other tools of similar brands. You can use these extra batteries if you own several power tools from one manufacturer.

In the case of a cordless circular saw, which has a smaller blade than a corded saw it can not cut through the thick board. As these models are considered more for portability and you can never run a battery-powered saw the whole day in one charge.  

The cordless circular saw is only best if you are working in the yard without electricity or a Jobsite. Make sure you use them if you want to make a few cuts only. 

Pros of using Cordless

  • With the Advancement in technology, you may still get tools with 8 hrs of battery life
  • Portable enough to work on Any Jobsite with any power source.
  • Best for any DIY Homeowner for a few cuts and any Contractor who works on sites where there is no electricity.

Cons of using Cordless:

  • May gets heavy due to battery weight added
  • Must have extra batteries to work the whole day
  • Batteries take time to recharge

Conclusion – Which One Should You Choose?

You don’t need to be feel confused while selecting a corded circular saw or a cordless one. We can keep both tools in our inventory. By now you must have understood that which tool is needed when so that you can best out of them. 

In terms of price, We have already discussed that there is not much difference. Your choice must be based on power vs convenience. 

If you are a DIY Homeowner, who needs to make a few cuts here and there, then corded circular saws are the best option as you will get more power, have access to electricity and moreover the tool will be long-lasting. 

If you are a contractor or have a yard to work in then cordless circular saws will provide you more mobility. It may be heavy as compared to corded due to the weight of the battery. 

You can learn more from a circular saw buying guide.




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